JUC was the host for the 2017 TEDS Israel Study Tour. TEDS is a member of JUC's associated schools.

In 1957 former TEDS Professor G. Douglas Young founded a school in Jerusalem to provide an educational experience for students in which they would "study the Bible in the land of the Bible among the people of the Bible." Since the 1950's many TEDS students have studied at the American Institute of Holy Lands Studies. Today it is called Jerusalem University College (JUC). Below is a description of Trinity's affiliation with JUC. In addition to short term programs through TEDS or JUC, a terrific semester or year abroad program is available to all students at Trinity International University.

TEDS 2016-2017 catalog description below and at  this link:

Trinity’s membership in Jerusalem University College (JUC) provides students with the opportunity of supplementing their campus studies with study in the Holy Land. JUC offers both undergraduate and graduate courses designed to introduce students to the Near East, to provide introduction and advanced training in the languages and literatures of that area from antiquity to the present, and to contribute to the understanding of Near Eastern cultures and peoples in other times as well as in the present. JUC’s staff has been recruited from the faculties of the Hebrew University and the University of Tel Aviv.

Archaeological and geographical field trips supplement the classroom lectures. In class and on the field, students are in constant contact with specialists and with the land whose geography, archaeology, and history are being studied.

Special opportunities are also available for Trinity students to study in the Holy Land, Egypt, or other Middle Eastern sites. These study tours involve instruction from one of our professors, who leads the tour, and academic credit can be received.

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